PARIS. Such a magical word for some reason. Whenever I hear it, words as these immediately flash before my eyes : chic, vintage, vogue, fashion, high-end, history.

It's no secret that the city revolves around these words, since it has always been he capital not only of France, but of Fashion as well. I once read a book called 'The Hotel on Place Vendôme' by Tillar J. Mazzeo.  It's a book about hotel Ritz in Paris and the whole story revolves around that hotel and Paris itself during the Nazi occupation in 1940 while the world was shaking because of WWII. The book is rich with art, celebrities (such as Coco Chanel, Arletty, Ernest Hemingway and much more) and the love and betrayal stories of among famous personas.

When I think of Paris, I can only think of red heels, red bags and red lips and of course, the signature Chanel N°5 perfume. 

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