I've created another outfit combo for HIM&HER, but this time the outfits are a bit more outstanding and bright in colours and accessories. 

For HER I chose a white wool coat and, yes, I know that it's not practical and that the coat will turn to grey in no time, but if you don't go out in the rain or if you put the coat on for more special occasions that you should be good. The black version would look just as great, but I felt that a bright colour would draw everyone's attention. Underneath, I picked the military green turtleneck that's a bit cropped. And to change up the lower body clothes, I went with a black leather skirt. With this outfit, the black ankle booties with a heel makes the outfit even more chic. For the accessories, I chose a backpack to turn down the fanciness a bit, but added it back with red velvet gloves and a rich perfume such as Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford. 

For HIM I stepped back from coats and chose this warm military tone jacket to keep the green theme going on and underneath I picked the white knit jumper to initially go with the white female coat, but if you switch the white to black one, then I would probably to the same to the jumper. To make the outfit a big edgy I went for classic knee ripped black jeans and topped it all of with simple leather boots. To add some fun, I picked these red sunnies and black gloves for some warmth. 

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