Recently I've been into reading fashion history books. My favourite ones that I truly enjoyed are "VOGUE on Christian Dior" by Charlotte Sinclair and "History of Fashion: New Look to Now" by June Marsh. 

I always knew and believed that the history of fashion is an incredibly fascinating and interesting thing to research. As I started to flip through the pages of these gripping literature pieces, it only ensured me that fashion history will forever and always be the kind of thing that mustn't be forgotten. 

This is my recent moodboard creation involving icons such as Yves Saint Laurent, VALENTINO, Chanel and, my personal favourite, DIOR. I just can not get over how beautiful and chic these people and their masterpieces are. Every single one of them has a story of their own and every person who's affected by fashion should know the stories of these Fabulous Decades. 

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