A few months ago I created an outfit for HIM&HER that compliments each other in colours or textures. Both of these outfits are for fall/winter season, but I made these a bit more stylish and chic rather than big winter jackets together with scarfs wrapped around the entire face.
It's an outfit choice for someone who likes to be comfortable yet still fashionable in their clothes to the maximum amount with no 'up in their face' kind of accessories. 

For HER I chose a simple black wool coat paired with dark brown turtleneck and wide black pants. The pieces that will make the outfit a bit more interesting are the black ankle booties with a slight heel and the beret, that seems to be the hot accessory right now. To keep the hands warm, I picked brown leather gloves to finish up the look.

For HIM I went with brown coat to compliment the female. Together I added a black turtle neck, to keep the high neck style going on, and some skinny fit black trousers. For shoes I just chose the classic Timberland style black boots. Do add a manly charm, and to stick with the browns, I found this Nixon watch that tied the outfit together. 

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